Capturing Family Stories with Your Cell Phone,
Two-Part Workshop

Capturing Family Stories with Your Cell Phone, <br>Two-Part Workshop
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Capturing Family Stories with Your Cell Phone, Two-Part Workshop
Presented by Bob Craigue, multiple Emmy-winning Videographer, Editor, and Producer
June 1 and 8, 2:00 – 3:30 PM
NEHGS Library and Archives, 99-101 Newbury Street, Boston, MA
Cost: $30

Every family has a story to tell. Why not capture these memories with something you carry with you every day— your cell phone! In this workshop held over two Saturdays in June, students will learn the basic skills needed to record their story: composition, lighting, audio, interviewing, editing, and publishing to the web. Every camera has it's pluses and minuses, so we will also look at point and shoot cameras and small video cameras.

Session 1: In the first part of the workshop you will learn pro tricks and techniques for lighting, audio, and composition. Students will practice by filming each other.

Session 2: In the second part of the workshop you will learn how to edit your video using iMovie—a free editing software for your Apple laptop. Microsoft no longer has a free editing product for PC users, however, we will discuss a few PC options. Finally we will demonstrate how to publish your finished video to YouTube.

NOTE: To best prepare for the class, please make space on your phone by saving all video and photos from your cellphone to a computer; if using a digital point and shoot camera or video camera, please empty the SDHC cards. All phones and cameras should be fully charged. You may also wish to bring a tripod or desktop stand for your camera.

About the instructor: Robert Craigue, Producer, Editor, founder of Bob was a theater major at University of Connecticut. He had a long career at CBS Boston, transitioning from Scenery Designer to News Editor, Videographer, and Producer. His work took him on the presidential campaign trail with Michael Dukakis and to Super Bowl and World Series games. Bob worked extensively on Liz Walker’s Sunday feature show “Better Living With Liz Walker,” serving as both Videographer and Editor/Producer. They travelled to South Sudan to film “A Glory From The God” a documentary about a group of Boston churchwomen working to repatriate Dinka women and children enslaved in the ethnic war perpetrated by Arab North Sudan on African South Sudan. After retirement from CBS, Bob was appointed Media Center director at Andover-Newton Theological School. Bob founded to enable families to have a professional documentary made, preserving family history through filmed interviews, memorabilia, and other historical information.